digits cannot tell you who you are_
whether we like it or not, we somehow define ourselves by our virtual persona that appears in social media. beautiful, perfect and flawless moments line up in a seemingly perfect feed, a seemingly perfect life. without being aware of it we tend to hide behind a self-imposed illusion, a make-believe world, because we constantly compare ourselves to the outside digital world we see in our feeds. the line between who we are and who we want to be is blurred. who we are, what is expected of us and what we want is the battle we have to fight every day.
human identity does not represent a unique essence or an unchanging being. on the contrary, identity is allowed to change and develop. change means taking a step into the unknown. this is not always an easy decision, but if we trust in ourselves and courageously look ahead, we can grow.
we want to draw attention to the fact that it is not the external circumstances that change life, but the internal changes that manifest themselves in life.
inspired by the character „trinity“ from „matrix“ film series, we went down the rabbit hole and have created this fashion editorial „trinity truth.“, photographed by marina geckeler.
Photography & concept: Marina Geckeler @marina.geckeler
Photo assistant & Lighting designer: Daniel Petz @Danielpetz
Styling: Katalin Kiss @Katalin_Kiss_Stylings
Hair & Make-Up: Kevin Bete @Kevin.Bete | Kevinbete.Com
Model: Emely Borsody @Emelyborsody Via Pars Management
Retouch: Lydia Tzirkova @Lydia.Tzirkova

Styling Credits:
Beauty Credits:
Skincare Annemarie Börlind, Skin, Eyes, Eyebrows, Lips Charlotte Tilbury, Nails Kia Charlotta, Hair Maria Nila, Hairtools T 3 Micro

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