About Marina Geckeler
I’m a fashion & beauty photographer based in Munich, Germany with over 10 years experience in the industry - working on advertising, editorials, product and fashion photoshoots.
My work has been featured in international editions of magazines like ELLE, L’OFFICIEL & GLAMOUR & GRAZIA. For me as a person and photographer, authenticity and genuineness are synonymous with female empowerment and femininity. I am inspired by strong, confident women, which affects my photographic approach. As a young female photographer, I want to do my part to empower women and encourage others to achieve their dreams without limitations.
The core of my work is the lightness of being, which I capture both on-location and in my own daylight studio near Munich. My images are characterized by a strong sense of color and atmospheric compositions. In my strong portrayal of humans, I focus on the attention to detail and exciting close-ups.

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