About Marina Geckeler
Marina started her career in the early age of 16, where she was one of the driving forces to build up an advertising agency. Soon she handled projects for international clients. After six years of working for the agency, she decided to move on and to concentrate on her own photography business, which was founded in 2014. This is where she is now: A successful, well booked photographer and graphic-designer, who delivers artwork and pictures on point.
For her as a person and photographer, authenticity and realness are at the same place as being female self-determinated and being feminine. She is inspired by strong, self-confident women, which affects her photographic approach.
The core of her work is the sexy lightness of being, which she captures both on-location and in her own daylight studio close to Munich. As a young photographer, she'd like to use her over 8 years of experience to do her part on the topic of women empowerment and to encourage others to realize their dreams without restrictions.
Being equally comfortable in front of the lens she started her career as a model in April ’19 and is represented by IZAIO Modelmanagement Berlin, Freistil Sportmodels and AWA Models Hamburg.

Clients / Benefit, Levi‘s, Shell, heineken, Silk Relations, American Crew, NVIDIA, Tinder, Clark Shoes, Moop Mama, Kiss NY, Dom Perignon, Krug Champagne, Eva mann, Moet Hennessey, I WANT YOU NAKED, fotoMAGAZIN, Best secret, Heyam Jewelry, Kia Charlotta,
Publications / Elegant Magazine, Grazia Magazine, SCORPIO JIN Magazine, karl Magazin, Shuba Magazine, PICTON Magazine, HORIZONT Magazine, SHAPE Magazin, Bloggingtales, fotoMAGAZIN Deutschland, taff ProSieben, KOOSS Magazine, L'OFFICIEL Baltics & Lithuania

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